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R.K.Dhaugoda’s General ratio of health and disease.This optimal ratio of Health: Disease = 4:1 (80% and 20%), called R.K.Dhaugoda’s General ratio of health and disease

R.K.Dhaugoda’s General ratio of health and disease.

This optimal ratio of Health: Disease = 4:1 (80% and 20%), called R.K.Dhaugoda’s General ratio of health and Rajkumar Dhaugoda on Saturday, January 9, 2010 at 7:50am

This equation tells us the health and disease can never isolate from each other, they are existed simultaneously in human life, and disappeared when human life is ended. And the disease status is dominated by healthiness status by four fold in an optimum healthiness state (relatively). It means when human life is started, and appeared in this universe there is a possibility of endogenous prodisease factor (dominated balance forms of hormones, neurotransmitters, cell growth, protooncogens, and normal flora,cytokines, presented 20%, and 80% healthiness status that is optimum level of immune status, optimum status of physiological range. These ratio of health and disease, can be disturbed anytime that means, it is a dynamic thing, continuously changing relatively towards negative or positive way resulting initiation of disease process to ending of life, and maintaining optimum healthy status relatively for longtime. Between health and disease, the interchangeable factors are the level of intracellular antistress factor, maintain immune status, maintains physiology of human body,fluctuate with amout of stress factors relatively) and dialectical materialistic view (scientific thought and behaviors fight against many human stresses, timely intervenes against stress factor with scientific approaches, helping in maintaining of internal & external environment of human in a positive way).

Thus when there is relatively decrease in the level of DM or IMMUNITY of an individual, relatively the health status is also decreased and the dominated form of pro disease status of an individual becomes prominent and a disease process is apparently appeared. For instance, normally in our body it is dominated by parasympathetic system, when there is stress is occurred the dominated sympathetic system is activated & there is increased anxiety, BP, pulse, tension, becomes restlessness,( when it is persisted for a long time then there is appeared disease disturbing normal activities, thought & becomes clinically significant.

Like wise, when there is decreased relative intercellular level of ESSENTIAL ANTISTRESS FACTOR, it is also decreased immune status, and decrease level of DM (decreases awareness about disease process and less interference activity to maintain health status). Then prodisease factors becomes prominent viz; atypical mycobacterium/ other opportunistic (immune compromise states) pathogens/psychotic states appeared - causing initiation of pathogenesis of various disease in various spectrum e.g. SIRS, SEPSIS, MODS, MOF, to end of life. When it is not interfered with appropriate effective method or drugs before appearing MOF, It will cross the critical point of life and death causing end of life. The physiological reversibility of any pathology may cause the various amount of organ damage/ failure as sequele, body can maintain only up to tolerable ranges: -Beyond this we could not maintain our health in a normal condition.

By this 4 dimensional equation of health and disease, it is directly criticized the definition of health by WHO, (“Health is defined as state of complete physical, mental and social well being not merely absence of disease or infirmity”)

According to this 4 dimensional equation of health and disease, as well as laws of dialectical materialism,

(1) There is nothing in the state of completely or absolutely in this material world. Every one is in terms of relative to each other, that means every thing is in the state of dynamic, motion, changing, continuously, that means the health status of an individual changing in every moment towards relatively diseased side or towards relatively optimal level of healthiness. Hence here state of complete means stagnatory condition not changing by time. For example no one can stay with completely mentally stable condition in our rational society. Because our thought or mental states is showed reaction in every moment with every events of internal or external environments. Within miliseconds a so called completely mentally well being becomes collapsed or Neurogenic shock/ heart attack and may be died, That means how quickly a so called completely healthy man ended his life, or how dynamic thing.

(2) 2nd part of definition of health by WHO: -

“not merely Absence of disease or infirmity”

It is again opposite to objective reality that is proved wrong according to laws of dialectics and by the above R.K.Dhaugoda’s 4 dimensional equation of health and disease.

According to dialectical view,

In any system, any event, any unit, there should be a opposite phenomena, which can not be isolated from each other, but they are inter dependent to each other. E.g. Health and disease .By WHO definition of health, It is tried to isolate the health from disease,( completely healthiness means absence of disease) , Like wise, above 4 dimensional equation of health & disease (mathematically ratio of health: disease= 4:1 (80% &20%) ) shows that , even relative optimum level of healthy status of an individual, there is relative 80% healthiness only, and 20% remain relative dominated form of diseased status in the form of pro disease, which may be converted any time to disease status in various spectrum, where increased level of stress is occurred in the body.Hence, health and disease is even a opposite phenomena, they are dynamic, interchangeable, interdepended and non - isolated from each other. Here the scientific dialectical law as well as mathematical equation (4 dimensional equation of health (e.g. Heath (H): disease = 4:1.) actually it is only possible that health & disease isolated after death

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  1. dear dr. dhaugoda, how does the ratio is 4:1 not 4:2 or 4:3? Are there any determinants for this ratio?