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"63 years old definition of HEALTH by WHO is wrong --DR. RK DHAUGODA "

Features of The newer Concept

of Health and Disease-

( Features of Dialectical materialistic
view of Health and D disease)

(a)  It is a original thought and research work of Dr. Raj Kumar Dhaugoda of Nepal, author of the book -RK DHAUGODA'S GENERAL THEORY OF VASCULITIS. Many people have risen to add philosophical concept in health. But no one directly said that the importance of dialectic materialism in the modern concept of health and disease so far.

(b)  Like wise; there is basically, Health is explained conventionally as isolated form, from disease.But there is nothing any isolated thing in this world, which can be purely isolated, and not associated. That means previously health is defined as complete absence of disease and complete social / mental / physical well being. This means, it is overlooked that the defense mechanism (Immune status) of human body. Which is an important part of our health, no one tries to explain the health in terms of host defense mechanism and the factors, which really governs the host defense mechanism and human physiology.

(c)   It stablizeses the influencing area of dialectical materialism is universal (which affects the scientific thoughts scientific behaviors of an individual and alters all the anti-human activities in the society, e.g. Unpeace, war between known ethnic groups, species inequity, & human crisis)

(d)  Previously, it is not taken, that the Health is an issue of social justice, hence, this newer concept of health, stresses that, the health should be an issues of social justice, it is well known that this Dialectical materialism, theory of Marx is strong guideline and principle for socialism.

(e)   Health is not an element of chance and state of complete absence of disease or stable matter. By this new concept, Health is explained by means dialectical view, that is health is a dynamic thing, in every moment there is a risk of being diseased / illness of an individual and basically depends upon Immune status of an Individual,level of stress factors ,outer stress factors and the level of understanding of Scientific thought. Dialectical thought governs to their surroundings (Social, Cultural, Economical, Educational, Psychological, Philosophical, Biological, Environmental, and scientific activities).

(f)   This scientific newer concept of health, guides to understand the pathogenesis of disease as well as to solve the unsolvable problems from previous concept of health; That means, This newer concept Integrates with every activities of human beings, thoughts and their reflections to surroundings. And finds out the key factors that governs the health of human being, fundamentally.

(g)  This newer scientific concept of health - criticizes the definition of Health given by WHO very strongly.

WHO defined the health “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely absence of disease or infirmity”. And latest amplified by “Socially and economically productive life”.
When we analyze the WHO definition of Health: -

(a)        “Health is a state of Complete Physical, mental and social well-being” According to law of dialectics, there is nothing complete / absolute things and being in the state of stable”. And health is not an isolated thing, It can not be isolated from disease, According to WHO defined, to be healthy a man should be completely free from disease for a long time, (stable time). It is just opposite to reality and practice. As we know that the status of health and disease is dynamic thing, in every moment there is changing status of health relatively either toward more healthy or towards less healthy or appearance of disease.
This means health should be defined in term of relative phenomena, but not in absolute phenomena.

B.“An absence of disease or infirmity” this is a second part of WHO health definition- which means to be healthy there should be absence of disease in an individual” or that means, It is totally isolated health from disease. When there is an individual simultaneously there is occurred Health and disease Status in various quantities or ratios, the ratios between Health and disease, determines the individual health status positive or negative forms. This is the law of dialectics, e.g. from magnet you can’t isolate North pole from South Pole, It will only disappears when there is disappearance of magnetic property. It is proved that, the health and disease status of an individual can not be isolated. Even relatively healthy. The level of healthy status of an individual there is 20% risk of presence of disease at the same moment, at the same time the individual having a chance to develop a various spectrum of disease process up to death. That means, the relative optimally healthy individual is actually 80% healthy, the ratios of health & disease are 4:1. (At this stage, Healthy Status dominates the disease status), e.g. proto-oncogene. The normal body bacilli, normal hormonal and neurotransmitters of body, normal ANTISTRESS ELEMENT level. In Healthy condition these all are in physiological range. At any time, there may occur alteration of their physiological range, causing disease. That means there is presented some prodisease factor in the body by burn and even in healthy condition, still they are present in our body, and may cause disease at anytime. This new concept will prove mathematically, later on in this book.

By this newer scientific concept of Health (Dialectical materialistic view of Health): -
Health “As a Relative balance state of Dialectic materialistic thought in relation to idealistic thought of an individual and the relative level of intracellular ANTISTRESS FACTOR in relation to various stress factors(TNF-alpha) in the body of an individual”.
This definition is proved by mathematical equation, by practical application of this theory in our daily life and researches, and It gives generalized view, which helps in solving many problems of human beings in relation to health and human rights.
In physics the law of Newton, is replaced or super shaded by theory of relativity or Einstein’s most popular equation i.e. E=Mc2, which is applied in space and quantum mechanics and nuclear science. In same way, this newer concept of health, supper shades  the previous unscientific concept, in our society.

h) This concept helps to develop the principles of dialectical materialism in advance form historical bio-medical materialism(see in details in page__-).

I)This concept helps to maintain the health of general people of world themselves  as preventive as well as curative ways with very very low cost  and in effectve manner.

J)this concept able to bring worldwide revolution in the field of health and disease management , importance /reality/validity of dialectcal materialism principle in the field of remaining all most all branched sciences.

l) This concept works as one of the most powerful weapon to fight against idealism,unscientic or metaphysic thoughts, capitalistic monopoly in health sectors . It empowers the general oppressed people of world  gradually and makes ready to struggle against antisocial , unscientific , exploiter forces.Thus it has power of equavant to that of thusands of progressive political parties for changing the world for the oppressed people of world.

  • The health and disease are opposite phenomena, are connected dynamically with another opposite phenomena i.e. stress factors(cytokines-TNF-alpha) and antistress factor of an individual.

                                            ANTISTRESS ELEMENT
      Health ←----------------------------------------------------→Disease

  • likewise day and night are opposites  related with other sets of opposite phenomena, rotation of Earth from west to east in its own axis, and sun arise from east / sets from west.

            Rotation of earth from west to east in its own axis
                           Sun arise from east and sets from west


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creative application of MARXISM IN POLITICS , SCIENCE AND MEDICINE.---Madan bhandari, SOICHI sakata, And R.k. Dhaugoda.

Dialectical Materialism and Science
This materialist philosophy is the Dialectical Materialist Philosophy of Science, which the development of sciences in the last one hundred years has shown to be the only satisfactory philosophy of science, capable not only of a, description of the knowable, but also of predicting new objects and phenomena. According to Dialectical Materialism, nature exists externally and independently of our consciousness, and is projected into consciousness through our senses. According to Engles, Nature is by no means an accidental collection of objects and phenomena which are mutually separated, isolated and independent. It consists of one thing that is mutually related, dependent, restrictive and connected The all of nature from the smallest elements to the largest, has its existence, in the eternal coming into being and passing away, in ceaselesflux in unresting motion and change.
The dialectical materialist view of nature described above is not one,, imposed on nature but is the one abstracted out of the latest discoveries of science till about 1870. The discoveries in sciences since then have only confirmed the above dialectical view. It has not contradicted it. Dialectical Materialism insists on the approximate, relative character of every scientific theory of the structure of matter and its properties^ it insists on the absence of absolute boundaries in nature, on the transformation of moving matter from one form into another.
According to the Japanese physicist, Soichi Sakata:
Current science has found that in nature there exist qualitatively different levels'?a series of levels such as elementary particles? atoms molecules?masses?heavenly bodies?nebulae. These levels form various qualitative modes of existence of matter in general.

Madan Kumar Bhandari (Nepali: मदन कुमार भण्डार)
(June 27, 1952 )– 1993) was a Nepali politician and great communist leader of Nepal.
He used Marxism creatively in Nepali context, and applied to build a new 21st century’s Marxism in Nepali politics-as PEOPLE’S MULTY PARTY DEMOCRACY.
Bhandari was born in Taplejung. He studied in Varanasi, India and in 1972 was named central committee member of the Janabadi Sanskritik Morcha (Democratic Cultural Front), a student's movement launched by Pushpa Lal Shrestha. Around 1976 he left Pushpa Lal's Communist Party of Nepal to launch the Mukti Morcha Samuha ("Liberation Front Group"), which formed an alliance with the survivors of the Jhapa Movement in 1978. He was a founder member of the Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist) preceding the 1980 referendum and was elected general secretary at its fourth national in 1986.
When CPN (ML) merged into Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) in 1991, Bhandari became the general secretary. Bhandari was the engineer behind the programme of CPN (UML), People's Multiparty Democracy, which led his party as the strongest communist party of Nepal for several years even after his death.
In 1993 Bhandari died, supposedly in a car crash without anyone as eye witness. Many believe he was murdered. Among the three passengers inside the car, only the driver Amar Lama survived and two leaders Madan Bhandari and Jeev Raj Ashrit died. The then government formed a probe committee but officially the car crash was reported as an accident without any sign of conspiracy. Possible conspiracy again came into concern after the only survivor of that crash; Driver Amar Lama was murdered after about 10 years by unknown person.
His main contribution to communist movement of world and like Nepal is that he stressed to democritization for peaceful social change , and gaining  social achievement and he used Marxism creatively to form peoples’ multi-party democracy. It’s a great theoritical achievement in communist movement of world.
The old concept of communist  movement is only basing to war with bullet, which is breaked by him , showing that the organised people of communist party can ballet peacefully rather than forcefully immature so called peoples war( the war , less involement of general people volunteerly, low level of awarness and  without feasible circumstances) .
In context of Nepal ,the 10 years MAOIST’S peoples war ( around 15000 people were killed )  is lastly converted into 19th days successful peaceful movement of -2005-2006 ,held collaboration of various seven partieis including NEPALI CONGRASS, CPN (UML) ,CPN ( MAOIST ) and various 4 parties ( only around 25 people were killed ), which helps to establish Nepal as republic ( this is a sort of wining power of peaceful movemnts of communist parties with  collaboration of democratic forces  against  feudalistic-Monarchism .).

1.  He is an upholder of the principles of socialism and pursues the road of People's Multi-Party Democracy, which is a creative application of Marxism and Leninism in the Nepalese condition.
2.  Consolidation of democracy, strengthening people's sovereign rights, changing the socio-economic relation and acceleration of the economic development in the country are the major concerns of the Party.
3.  Periodical election and the government of the majority, pluralism, rule of law, human rights are other important elements of the People's Multi-Party Democracy.
4.   Economically self sustained society, quality education and health service, full employment and social security are important features of the Party program aiming to achieve the welfare state.
5.  The Party fully believes in the harmony and the unity among the people of all religions, castes, communities and ethnic groups living in different geographical regions of the country.
6.  The Party works against any discrimination based on race, religion, caste, ethnicity, sex and geographical region.

7. It restricts any sort of class over sensation e.g. racial conflicts/ religious conflicts( it restricts any racial or religious federalism in the country ). Should stop any sort of class over sensation, which leads any social and national conflict unnecessarily.Maoists  of Nepal ,are anti- communist – because – believing in any sort of racial federalism in the country is unscientific to any communist party ).

8. The world is  in a age of generalization or globalization,so talking about racial fedaralism is just going back to 15TH century’s isolated society .21st century is  the age of mobilization, immigration ,massive-integration of people ,socially,technically,economically, linguelly,and  culturally.Every thing will be mutual integrated and is being so narrow and try to divid or isolate a nation to in many slices is unscientific .Racial federalism helps to weak socialization and democratization in the nation.The cause of collapse of former USSR is just due to class over sensation(the slogan of racial liberation ) after 1990.
He believes that the material development of society should be closely linked with the spiritual enlistment of the people and it should be guided by the ideals of democracy and socialism.


General Theory of Vasculitis

By-Dr.Raj Kumar Dhaugoda,MBBS (TU),MD Family Medicine(BPKIHS),Nepal.



    From the various conclusions of various literature reviews, discussions, and various studies and findings, which are presented previous chapters( THE BOOK -    RKDHAUGODA'S GENERAL THEORY OF VASCULITIS -PART-I). It is hypothesized to build the general theory of vasculitis, with the help of guide line theory that is dialectical materialism, to express the objective reality of the physiological and pathological laws within the human body and to solve many problems in the field of management of health and disease in the huge proportional of population, in terms of effective, preventive, curative with least costs and simple techniques and coordinating with other various scientific approaches. According to this theory:
(1) Any inflammatory (infectious or non infectious & endogenous or exogenous originated disease is associated with varying degree of vaculitis in relation to time, space, motion and matter (antigen specific/strss factors/antistress factors). It means the main / key pathology of any inflammation is the vaculits (primary or secondary vaculitis). Vaculitis is the inflammation of vascular system,and associated with inflammation of any types of cells of the body. The vascular system in human body is widely and extensively distributed (except hair, nail and cornea). The vascular system e.g. micro vessels namely capillaries, sinusoids, venules are connected with every cells of the body by means extra cellular fluids. Hence any tissue or cell damage is associated with vascular abnormalities.
(2) All the inflammatory originated diseases having the common pathology vasculitis are principally mediated by the major factor TNF- alpha). It means TNF- alpha is the principle cytokine, and principle pathogenic mediator for all types’ vasculitis diseases (from boils to cancer pathology).
(3) All these vasculitis pathology have relatively high level of TNF- alpha in the circulation, which are associated with relative hypo- ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT). Because in any hypo- ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT condition, there is increased synthesis of TNF- alpha and they’re appearance of inflammatory response, and then various degree of vasculitis process is developed.
(4) These relations of vasculitis, TNF- alpha and relative level of intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT, remains in functional state, when there remains constant i.e. the possibility of reversion of pathogenesis of involved organ. This functional limitation of reversibility of pathogenesis is represented by the R.K.Dhaugoda’s. constant equals to 1, this value remains constant up to before irreversibility damaged of organic function (e.g. chronic renal failure, chronic liver failure, brain death, chronic brain damage /severe encephalopathy).
(5) All these disease, which is associated with vasculitis pathology, are treated with pharmocotherapy of ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT principally, and with adjunctive therapeutic tools, antimicrobials, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, and other various supporting drugs and techniques viz biomechanical (surgical/mechanical ventilation) until stabilization of severe disease pathology, and clinical stability. Then oral ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT is given for chronic and long-term preventive as well as curative management of various incurable diseases are treated with various integrated ways (to maintain the optimum level of intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT relatively), e.g.(a) By increasing education level of individual/ society regarding scientific understanding of disease process, causation, intervention, complications, prevention, and ways of scientific management, and the biological, physiological role of ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT and its importance via increasing the knowledge and practice of dialectical materialism thought and principles, broadly throughout the world. Because this dialectical materialistic view is the core/root science for all the remaining branched sciences. Without its knowledge, we can’t understand the laws of universe and its contents scientifically.(b) By modifying nutrition, lifestyle and behaviors (being anti sadists to ownself and to others). Viz taking, low fat diet, low sugar diet, moderate physical exercise, relatively high ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT containing diets avoiding smoking, alcohol, excess tea, coffee, sodium, azinomotto ( mono-sodium-glutamate), and avoiding excessive worry ness and anxiety these all positive activities cause increased intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT  relatively.(c)  Practicing various types of physical exercises:-anaerobic exercise, yoga,pranayam .      

 (6) In this theory, it is estimated even sub clinical stage of diseases or pre-estimation of relative risk of diseases. By means measuring the relative level of the C- reactive protein (a functional biological marker of hypo-ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT, inflammation in the body, and the level of cytokine e.g., TNF- alpha in the circulation). It says that even a person with relatively non-significant clinical disease, by measuring of C-RP level, if it is relatively high comparing to normal value, it is predicted the various risk for various diseases, specially Chronic diseases.  A person having Type -2 DM, arteriosclerosis, vascular diseases and with high C-RP level has more risk for cardiovascular diseases e.g., Heart attack, Angina, Ischemic heart disease, CRF and stroke etc.

(7) In this theory, it is applied the dialectical materialism principle which is the root science for all the branched sciences. The pathology of any disease is represented relatively & commonly by vasculitis. The intracellular relative level of ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT    represents body’s physiological status (immune status), Vasculitis and magnitude of Intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT (immune status) are opposite phenomena in the human body but not isolated from each other, but interdependent and interrelated each other by the relative level of TNF- alpha and C-reactive protein or stress factor in the circulation.In the physiological level range there is relatively less stress factors and less level of TNF- alpha and C- reactive protein (very low level is dominated by bodies immune status) and not causing disease. But when there is relative low level of intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT. Relative hypo-ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT in comparison to stress factors. It is started to synthesis and activations of TNF- alpha and starts inflammatory response by the body causing various degree of tissue / cell injury. Causing pathogenesis of vasculitis, and synthesis of C-RP in the liver is increased in response to inflammation in the body, overall causing increased level of TNF- alpha, C-RP and appearance of various degree of vasculitis, (Sub clinical to clinical stages). Hence, here the two opposite phenomena immune status (optimum level of intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT) and disease process /         Inflammation (vasculitis) is connected in terms of TNF- alpha and C-RP and stress factors.
(8) In this theory, it is correlated the level of intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT, TNF- alpha, and degree of various vasculitis, by blood circulation level of C-reactive protein. In practice, it is very difficult to measure sub clinical & clinical vasculitis, like wise the TNF- alpha level and intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT level very difficult, needs sophisticated instruments, highly qualified man power and excessive costly. But here it is correlated by the level of C-RP with the level of other three parameters e.g. severity of vasculitis, level of TNF- alpha and intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT level. When there is increased value of C-RP there should be relative hypo-ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT, increased level of TNF- alpha and various degree of sub clinical to clinical form of vasculitis. In absence of other interfering factors for C-RP level in the body e.g. use of Steroids, NSAIDS, Vigorous exercise, excessive Coffee / tea, Hormone replacement therapy, Intra-Uterine device, Pregnancy, use of Statin etc.
(9)  highly sensitive C-RP is non-specific biological marker of inflammation and body stress, raised its value in various types of Inflammations and exposure to stress factor by the body systems.