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Features of R.K. Dhaugoda’s
General Equation of Vasculitis
(R.K.Dhaugoda’s general theory of vasculitis)

1. This R.K. Dhaugoda’s general equation of vasculitis helps to establish a new out look or view of a new scientific integrated concept of understanding and management of health and disease in a simple and accessible way.

2. This equation helps to decrease more than 80% of ICU mortality and morbidity, many chronic diseases viz, most of the vasculitis diseases, mental diseases, oncologic disease, by means preventions and curative ways.

3. This general equation of vasculitis is a universal weapon against most of the chronic, auto immune, degenerative diseases,psychiatric disorders which have not curative so far and curative weapon for many acute severe diseases, acute Asthma, ALI, ARDS, Severe sepsis, severe burn, Tetanus,AIDS AND MANY VIRAL DISEASES etc.

4. This new Equation will have brought a revolution in the field of health and disease, in terms of concept, pathogenesis, prevention, understanding and cost effective management of health and diseases. In our society, it will bring a great revolution in terms of cost effective, time constrain diseases management, change in economic and politics and the importance and practical application of dialectical materialism theory, becomes extensively increased, throughout the world.

• This equation is powerful more than Einstein equation E = MC2, which is used for making Hydrogen, atom and nuclear weapons and used against human civilization and destroying millions of people by Imperialistic countries.

But this equation is powerful by many folds; it frights against imperialistic and their networks multinational drug companies, because their 80% of pharmaceutical products becomes useless, when this equation extended throughout the world; by the properties of prevention and curative of diseases with this equation, millions of people of poor countries will be benefited.
5. This equation helps to meet the goal, that is, health is a issue of social justice (affordable, accessible, assessable by all the people of the world), because it is:-

a. Cost effectiveness, simple method

B.. Teaches to avoid unnecessary effortless expensive and sophisticated tabs and Inj. for only symptomatic treatments of many-many chronic diseases

6. This equation shows the use of philosophy i.e. dialectical materialism and mathematics in the field of health and disease that is more scientific, problem oriented and more practical and economic than previous meta-physical technique and statistical approaches.

7. This equation supports the most scientific philosophy so far, i.e. dialectical materialism. Which is the fundamental and scientific philosophy and which outlooks the universe and its contents in most scientific ways and it is the root science of all the branched sciences, key foundation of Marxism.

8. This equation helps to understand of many diseases and their pathology and management of known diseases as well as the diseases, which are still unknown, in more concise, comprehensive, molecular and atomic as well as quantum level (light reaction).

9. This equation actually establishes the incomplete modern medicine as near complete modern and advanced medicine. Now any body who believe in science and its method, you can have relative complete answer about curability of chronic diseases and prevention which are, before this, not possible and you can have answers for critics (e.g. Para scientific alternative medicine system, e.g. Maharaj Ram Dev of Astha channel, because he himself does not know the mechanism actions of Yoga or any type of anaerobic exercise), and this equation explains the mechanism of anaerobic exercise, i.e. ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT level increased into the cell via decreasing  antistress element ion excretion from the kidney and by decreasing basal metabolic rate ( hence there is increased ATP and ADP level into the cell).

a. Hence for very sick person and for children, who cannot perform anaerobic exercise, what is the alternative drug? The answer is the antistress element Supplementation.

b. Thus this equation gives answer for both practicener like Para scientific alternative practicener (like Maharaj Ram Dev of Astha channel), and practiceners of incomplete modern medicine systems, who cannot treat most of the chronic diseases by their knowledge and practice so far.

10. As it uses the most powerful and scientific philosophy and mathematics, in this equation, in the field of health and disease, which gives more comprehensive and relatively more accurate outcome when it is used in our daily life. It means it gives more reliability and validity to carry out further researches and studies by using this equation and its guideline principle, the dialectical materialism.

11. Hence this equation is a sort of pioneer victory against much acute and chronic medical and surgical diseases by human being, with a cost of minimal expenditure only.

12. This equation is a scientific equation, which organized by unification of conclusion of dialectical materialism, pathogenesis of many diseases, human physiology, and its regulation, role of ANTI-STRESS-ELEMENT in human body in physiological as well as pharmacological level, Role of  mastser element in  bio ecosystem to evolution of protoplanetary disk, pathophysiologic pathways, mediators of many vasculitic diseases and other physical and mental stress conditions, extractions of more than 5000 studies of this master antistress element in human diseases, carried out by many peoples of the world .

13. This equation supports the concept of one drug for all mugs or diseases, which is a completely new concept in modern medicine. This concept is being raised from other fields of medicine e.g gene therapy,TNF-alpha inhibitors(but they are immunosuppressants), stem cell implantation technique, UV and low level laser therapy, universal immunization technique via anaerobic exercise, these are some models of one drugs for all mugs/ diseases.1st three are very expensive and needs sophisticated instrumentation as well as highly qualified man power and last one is not applied for children and acute severe illness of in adults (limitation is more), Hence more effective, cost effective, easily available drug is  master antistress factor .

14. This equation proves that the dialectical materialism, a major fundamental part of Marxism is not dying out but it is being appeared or arising from every matter, from every system, from society and from every individual, in the form of master elemental matter. Which helps to maintain individual’s immune status and thinking power  and fights against the disease mediator TNF-alpha and the disease vasculitis/ stress factor). This equation serves all the people of this world and teaches to fight against diseases by scientific ways, & helps to stop exploitation from many multinational drug companies throughout the world. This equation is a just as an extreme powerful nuclear weapon against impairlistic countries which holding this beautiful world in their fists. Now onward  this master antistress element fights with multinational drug companies of impairlistic conrtries of world, they will spent their energies just attenuate this extreme powerful equation. But science is science truth is truth no one can stop this objective reality/ facts when all the medical practicener and individuals of this world become awareness about versatility, unique, essential and master drug .

15. This equation helps to explore the controvercies of current medical practices and philosophy., and gives alternatives for correction of these controvercies. Examples of important controvercies :-

a)the definition of health by WHO, is not an objective reality.

uanable to define the disease by WHO officially.

b)use of steroids and immunosupressants in the management of hundreds of acute and chronic diseases imperically.,

c)vigorous researches regarding universal therapy with TNF-alpha inhibitors( e.g.thalidomide,infliximab,etanercept) with immunosupressant effects just for suppression of symptoms of chronic diseases;

d) the uses of anti-retroviral agents in HIV infection and AIDS which causes more mortality and anti –retroviral resistance e.g. flaring up of AIDS in Africa and anti-retroviral drugs resistance, the main cause is the malnutrition rather than strength of HIV.

e)Failure to correlate scientifically with other alternative medical therapies e.g. with meditation/YOGA ,anerobic exercises, Low Level LASER Therapy, Homeopathic principles, and herbal therapy , Naturopathy-Hot spring bath, dead sea therapy.,pranayan and YOG thaerapy.

f)The HIV hypothesis as a sole cause of AIDS so on. .

g)Unable to treat in curative aspects for hundreds of acute and chronic diseases satisfactorily .

h)The prime cause of oncogenic diseases and their curative and preventive management , is still not stablished.

- the prime cause of various psychiatric disorthers are not stablished yet.

16. This equation analyses critically the management practice of present medical system for so many vasculitis diseases, autoimmune diseases , malignancies, rheumatic disease and many acute disease VIZ sepsis, ARDS tetanus etc.

• According to our present medical practice the available drugs are corticosteroids (as Anti-inflammatory & immune suppressants), cyclophosphamide, methotraxate (mostly used immune suppressants) for above-mentioned hundreds of diseases.

• with these drug, we are achieving only suppressing of symptoms of disease but not curative & asserting of progression of pathogenesis.

• with taking lots of risk factors (side effects) by using these drugs, (The development Hx of modern medicine is more than 200 yrs) up to now we are depending on these illusional drugs for treatment of so many diseases in our society. It is not due to any other thing, just due to over looking of dialectical materialism principle, which teaches us to find out new methods, techniques to solve our daily problems.

• The drugs we are using in so many diseases have so many adverse effects, that leads unknowingly or knowingly to the mouth of death to us.

17. This equation helps to review of use of steroids & immune suppressants criticality

a) Disadvantages of


The therapeutic indication of corticosteroids if you count you can find more then 200 indication as for above mentoioned various chronic, procurable disease with having sirious numerous adveres effects e.g.

Withdrawal effects

Adrenal insufficiency

Glucocorticoid withdrawal syndrome (fever, myalgia, athralgia, malaise)

Pseudotumor cerebri (increased ICP and papiloedema)

When used superphysiological range.

Fluid and electrolyte imbalance



Increased susceptibility of infection



Behavioral disturbance (nervous ness)

Growth arrest in children

Redistribution of fat (cushinoid syndrome)

Risk of reactivation of TB

Cataract, Glaucoma, retinopathy



Treatment failure (resistance to steroid therapy)

Alteration in mood


Peptic ulcer diathesis


(Ref: - Goodman & Gilman’s pharmacological basis of therapeutics, 10th edition, 2003 page 1657-1676; and Harrison’s principle of internal medicine, 16th edition, page, 2013.)

b) Side effects of cyclophosphamide

Bone marrow suppression


Bladder carcinoma

Gastrointestinal intolerance


Pulmonary fibrosis


(Ref: - Harrison’s principle of internal medicine 16th edition, page 2013).

c) Side effect of Methotraxate: -

Gastrointestinal intolerance


Neutropenia / Recurrent infection

Hepatotoxicity (fibrosis/cirrhosis)



Opportunistic infection

(Ref: - Harrison’s principle of internal medicine, 16th edition, page 2013).

Since, we have no alternative so far, to these anti inflammatory and immune suppressant to many chronic vasculitic, autoimmune, connective tissue and degenerative disease. And we are so help less with these treatment modalities and not satisfying, as it is not a curative management and having lots of side effects with these drugs. It is necessary to find out the patent anti inflammatory as well as immune modulator (not the immune suppressant); and versatile compound, which is not only symptomatic reliever but also curative agent with minimal tolerable side effects with having antidotes for its toxicity.

This possible compound is found out by this equation e.g.

Vasculitis =TNF-alpha / Antistress factor

This versatile antistress factor acts as following ways.

• Potent anti-inflammatory agent

• Potent anticonvulsant

• Potent immunomodulator

• Potent antistress agent

• Potent cytoprotective / Neuroprotective/ vasodilator

• having minimal side effects

• Very cheap and available everywhere, can not be petented

• Having anti dote for it’s over dose .

• Many other important physiological and pharmacological actions.

18.this equation helps to understand the reality of corticosteroids: -

• In the normal physiological condition, if stress is occurred (injuries, infection, mental and physical stresses), there is increased release of cytokines, TNF-alpha, IL-I, IL-6 as well as anti-inflammatory molecules.

• Some time there is increased Glucocorticoid to compensate the inflammatory action of cytokines; by decreasing the production of WBC or increasing the killing of activated T or B lymphocyte and macrophages ultimately there is decrease amount of WBC relatively.

• if stress factor is high in magnitude then the physiologic compensation is distorted, and again there is more production of cytokines relatively high than that of anti-inflammatory molecules, causing symptoms of systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS).

• this means, glucocarticoids, can work in its physiological concentration in very well manner. In this condition body can tolerate the immune status (not so much immune suppression). But in the pharmacological systemic use of glucocarticoids for a long time, it is obviously decreased the inflammation by decreasing by defocusing production of cytokines, leukotriens by decreasing proliferation and activation of over all immune cells. Which leads side-by-side massive immune suppression (also suppression of proliferation and activation of anti inflammatory molecules, antibodies, which fights against microbes, viruses, and many stress factors), causing risk of initiation of many opportunistic infection, flaring of previously existed minor infection sub acute infections and appearance of various side effects. As the stress factor concentration is same which is not attenuated (supposed to be attenuated by anti inflammatory molecules, antibodies). And only there is decrease level of inflammatory molecules, thus when there is stopped this corticosteroid, then there is again reappeared of pervious sign & symptoms of the particular disease e.g. Nephritic syndrome, nephrotic syndrome, connective tissue disorders, autoimmune diseases and so on. Hence glucocarticoids is not a curative agent, and just a symptom masker, which is a very dangerous agent, because, disease pathogenesis is continuously growing up but not disappearance of causative stress factor in the body. Thus, when it is used for a long time, it is not more than a suicidal attempt. Hence the action of corticosteroids is a just not more than illusion, which is not a objective reality in the

• field of curative approach of disease treatment in pharmacological doses.

19.That ‘s why, this R.K Dhaugoda’s general equation of vasculitis, strongly apposes to use of corticosteroid and immune suppressant to manage so many chronic and autoimmune disease just for masking their signs and symptoms only. And using these compounds we are failing to treat these vasculitic, autoimmune, Rheumatic disease ,malignancy so far.

This equation,

 VASCULITIS  = TNF-alpha / Anti-stress-element


Gives an alternative approach to manage the many chronic diseases including type-II DM, HTN, atherosclerosis various form of vasculitic diseases with a versatile, master, and unique properties OF RKDHAUGODA'S ANTISTRESS FACTOR .This is a not only symptomatic but also a curative approach with less side effects, with least cost and world wide accessibility, assessibility, with effective measure.

20. This powerful equation establishes, THE RKDHAUGODA'S ANTISTRESS FACTOR  AS the most powerful weapon for fighting against hundred of incurable chronic disease so far. Hence this master and versatile drug is being arising from third world like Nepal and hight of RKDHAUGODA'S ANTISTRESS FACTOR is equivalent to that of Mount Everest. From the height of  RKDHAUGODA'S ANTISTRESS FACTOR having highest hight as compare to Mt. Everest, We can see all the vasculitis and other chronic disease in concise, comprehensive way, and makes easy to manage these incurable disease so far, so simply with very much cost effectiveness ways. And this equation says that the traditional illusional symptomatic drugs like corticosteroids, methotraxate, and cyclophosphamide in the management of chronic vasculitis disease are going to dying out.

21. This equation says that the indications of glucocorticoids reserve to just its replacement therapy and some local uses only.

And this equation says that, in every indication of steroids, now onward it is better and more scientific or curative approach to use RKDHAUGODA'S ANTISTRESS FACTOR as anti-inflammatory & immune modulator as well as antistress factor.

As to reach to the summit of Mount Everest, it can be possible from the south coal (from Nepal) & North side (Tibet, China). In same way, more easy and cost effective way to treating so many chronic diseases by immune modulator approach via ANTISTRESS FACTOR ELEMENT rather than immune suppression approach via steroids & immune suppressant agents.



General Theory of Vasculitis.


 "Marxism is not a dogma but a guide to action, a scientific methodology”e
Einstein believed that deep truths about the workings of the universe would always be "as simple as possible”

Dr. Raj Kumar Dhaugoda
 MBBS (IOM,TU)-1999,Nepal.       
 MD Family Medicine(BPKIHS)-2006,Nepal.        
 Date of birth 2026/02/29 (1969,june 11th)     
 Address:Nepal;Kavre Palanchok District,Panauti Municipality,Ward No.6      
 Special interest in dialectical materialism and medical researches.         
Destination of carrier- MARXIST philosopher and Medical scientist.       
  Hallmark guideline principle-Dialectical Materialism(foundation of  Marxism)      
   E-mail address : ( well-come to valuable critics and comments )   


    From the various conclusions of various literature reviews, discussions, and various studies and findings, which are presented previous chapters( THE BOOK -    RKDHAUGODA'S GENERAL THEORY OF VASCULITIS -PART-I). It is hypothesized to build the general theory of vasculitis, with the help of guide line theory that is dialectical materialism, to express the objective reality of the physiological and pathological laws within the human body and to solve many problems in the field of management of health and disease in the huge proportional of population, in terms of effective, preventive, curative with least costs and simple techniques and coordinating with other various scientific approaches. According to this theory:
(1) Any inflammatory (infectious or non infectious & endogenous or exogenous originated disease is associated with varying degree of vaculitis in relation to time, space, motion and matter (antigen specific/strss factors/antistress factors). It means the main / key pathology of any inflammation is the vaculits (primary or secondary vaculitis). Vaculitis is the inflammation of vascular system,and associated with inflammation of any types of cells of the body. The vascular system in human body is widely and extensively distributed (except hair, nail and cornea). The vascular system e.g. micro vessels namely capillaries, sinusoids, venules are connected with every cells of the body by means extra cellular fluids. Hence any tissue or cell damage is associated with vascular abnormalities.
(2) All the inflammatory originated diseases having the common pathology vasculitis are principally mediated by the major factor TNF- alpha). It means TNF- alpha is the principle cytokine, and principle pathogenic mediator for all types’ vasculitis diseases (from boils to cancer pathology).
(3) All these vasculitis pathology have relatively high level of TNF- alpha in the circulation, which are associated with relative hypo- ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT). Because in any hypo- ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT condition, there is increased synthesis of TNF- alpha and they’re appearance of inflammatory response, and then various degree of vasculitis process is developed.
(4) These relations of vasculitis, TNF- alpha and relative level of intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT, remains in functional state, when there remains constant i.e. the possibility of reversion of pathogenesis of involved organ. This functional limitation of reversibility of pathogenesis is represented by the R.K.Dhaugoda’s. constant equals to 1, this value remains constant up to before irreversibility damaged of organic function (e.g. chronic renal failure, chronic liver failure, brain death, chronic brain damage /severe encephalopathy).
(5) All these disease, which is associated with vasculitis pathology, are treated with pharmocotherapy of ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT principally, and with adjunctive therapeutic tools, antimicrobials, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, and other various supporting drugs and techniques viz biomechanical (surgical/mechanical ventilation) until stabilization of severe disease pathology, and clinical stability. Then oral ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT is given for chronic and long-term preventive as well as curative management of various incurable diseases are treated with various integrated ways (to maintain the optimum level of intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT relatively), e.g.(a) By increasing education level of individual/ society regarding scientific understanding of disease process, causation, intervention, complications, prevention, and ways of scientific management, and the biological, physiological role of ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT and its importance via increasing the knowledge and practice of dialectical materialism thought and principles, broadly throughout the world. Because this dialectical materialistic view is the core/root science for all the remaining branched sciences. Without its knowledge, we can’t understand the laws of universe and its contents scientifically.(b) By modifying nutrition, lifestyle and behaviors (being anti sadists to ownself and to others). Viz taking, low fat diet, low sugar diet, moderate physical exercise, relatively high ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT containing diets avoiding smoking, alcohol, excess tea, coffee, sodium, azinomotto ( mono-sodium-glutamate), and avoiding excessive worry ness and anxiety these all positive activities cause increased intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT  relatively.(c)  Practicing various types of physical exercises:-anaerobic exercise, yoga,pranayam .      

 (6) In this theory, it is estimated even sub clinical stage of diseases or pre-estimation of relative risk of diseases. By means measuring the relative level of the C- reactive protein (a functional biological marker of hypo-ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT, inflammation in the body, and the level of cytokine e.g., TNF- alpha in the circulation). It says that even a person with relatively non-significant clinical disease, by measuring of C-RP level, if it is relatively high comparing to normal value, it is predicted the various risk for various diseases, specially Chronic diseases.  A person having Type -2 DM, arteriosclerosis, vascular diseases and with high C-RP level has more risk for cardiovascular diseases e.g., Heart attack, Angina, Ischemic heart disease, CRF and stroke etc.

(7) In this theory, it is applied the dialectical materialism principle which is the root science for all the branched sciences. The pathology of any disease is represented relatively & commonly by vasculitis. The intracellular relative level of ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT    represents body’s physiological status (immune status), Vasculitis and magnitude of Intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT (immune status) are opposite phenomena in the human body but not isolated from each other, but interdependent and interrelated each other by the relative level of TNF- alpha and C-reactive protein or stress factor in the circulation.In the physiological level range there is relatively less stress factors and less level of TNF- alpha and C- reactive protein (very low level is dominated by bodies immune status) and not causing disease. But when there is relative low level of intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT. Relative hypo-ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT in comparison to stress factors. It is started to synthesis and activations of TNF- alpha and starts inflammatory response by the body causing various degree of tissue / cell injury. Causing pathogenesis of vasculitis, and synthesis of C-RP in the liver is increased in response to inflammation in the body, overall causing increased level of TNF- alpha, C-RP and appearance of various degree of vasculitis, (Sub clinical to clinical stages). Hence, here the two opposite phenomena immune status (optimum level of intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT) and disease process /         Inflammation (vasculitis) is connected in terms of TNF- alpha and C-RP and stress factors.
(8) In this theory, it is correlated the level of intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT, TNF- alpha, and degree of various vasculitis, by blood circulation level of C-reactive protein. In practice, it is very difficult to measure sub clinical & clinical vasculitis, like wise the TNF- alpha level and intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT level very difficult, needs sophisticated instruments, highly qualified man power and excessive costly. But here it is correlated by the level of C-RP with the level of other three parameters e.g. severity of vasculitis, level of TNF- alpha and intracellular ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT level. When there is increased value of C-RP there should be relative hypo-ANTI-STRESS ELEMENT, increased level of TNF- alpha and various degree of sub clinical to clinical form of vasculitis. In absence of other interfering factors for C-RP level in the body e.g. use of Steroids, NSAIDS, Vigorous exercise, excessive Coffee / tea, Hormone replacement therapy, Intra-Uterine device, Pregnancy, use of Statin etc.
(9)  highly sensitive C-RP is non-specific biological marker of inflammation and body stress, raised its value in various types of Inflammations and exposure to stress factor by the body systems.

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IMHI is the system of relative integration of philosophical-Psycho-social-bio-mechanical, multi-concepts, multisystem, holistic, Multi-approach, cost effective and simple way of management of human illness and  assessment of well-being scientifically and humanly.

IMHI – covers the following subjects relatively and broadly as integrated concepts, knowledge and practices for better and easy management of human illness in view of personal- socio-economical and environmental background.

1.     It is a system of co-ordination relatively and related all motions of nature, society and mind.
2.     It is basically integrated with fundamental and scientific philosophical view of world and its contents that is dialectical materialistic view.
3.     It is related to holistic approach of various useful concepts, systems, practices and methods in the management of whole human and social illness in relation to human and his environment, from the beginning of history of human society up to-now.
4.     It is a dynamic, continuously changing, developing integrated concepts and practice of management of human health globally, in its accessibility, accessibility, affordability with simplicity.
5.     It is the unification of all the modalities or systems of human illness managements in our societies in scientific bases with effectiveness of their efficacy.
6.     It really coordinates the fundamental human social factors, like human thought process, human practices up on nature or environments and societies. And feedback of society and environments to human thought, attitude and practices.
7.     It shows that nothing is complete and isolated things, concepts, system and methods, practices. And needs integration for more worth-full achievement in the field of any human thought and practices and for understanding of laws of nature and human body and their relation with other various natural, social and human psycho- biological phenomena.
8.     It explains that the simplicity of working mechism of universe and its contents with complexity of their manifold inter relation. Like every human disease is differentiated and has specific as well vague manifestations. but all most all human disease have some basic and fundamental pathologic processes in nature ,that is vasculitis , there are fundamental role of  prime cytokine ,TNF-alpha IN THE HUMAN DISESE PATHOGENESIS AND THERE ARE FUNDAMENTAL ROLE OF MASTER CHEMICAL , MASTER light therapy, UVBI,MASTER ANEROBIC EXERCISE ( YOGA ), VACCINATION PRINCIPLE ( LIKE KILLS LIKE ), OTHER VARIOUS NATUROTHAERAPIES,PSYCHOTHERAPY, HEALTH EDUCATION PROMOTIONS, PHILOSOPHICO-SOCIAL THERAPY.THESE ALL ARE ALL ROUNDER METHODS OF MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN ILLNESS.

9.     PHILOSOPICALLY – ITS BASIC PRINCIPLE IS THE KEY LAW OF DIALECTICS. UNITY AND STRUGGLE OF ONTRADICTIONS. THE KRDHAUGODA,S BASIC LAW OF DIALECTICS THAT IS Any event, system or unit contains opposite phenomena which are also connected relatively by means varying degree of reciprocal association dynamically with other sets of opposite phenomena again. FOR EXAMPLE.

  • The health and disease are opposite phenomena, are connected dynamically with another opposite phenomena i.e. stress factors(cytokines-TNF-alpha) and antistress factor of an individual.

                                            ANTISTRESS ELEMENT
      Health ←----------------------------------------------------→Disease

  • likewise day and night are opposites  related with other sets of opposite phenomena, rotation of Earth from west to east in its own axis, and sun arise from east / sets from west.

            Rotation of earth from west to east in its own axis
                           Sun arise from east and sets from west



  1. According to guideline of this IMHI- it makes easy and simple assessment of human diseases and provides quick and quality management as early as possible in preventive as well as palliative and curative cost effective heath care provision.

  1. IMHI aims to reduce death, illness, disability, early diagnosis and early qualitative cost effective management of human illness and to access world wide health promotion in scientific and humanly way.  IMHI includes preventive, diagnostic, palliative and curative elements that are implemented by families and communities as well as by health facilities and also as world health policies.

  1. People seeking for medical treatment in the developing as well as developed world are often suffering from more than one condition, making a single diagnosis is error of the old health care system. IMHI is an integrated strategy, which takes into account the variety of factors that put people at risk philosophically, ritually, physically, mentally, familiarly, socially, environmentally, economically, politically and as well globally. It ensures the combined treatment of the major human illnesses, emphasizing prevention of human illness and crisis through health promotion, dialectical materialistic educational promotion, immunization and improved nutrition. It consists of continuous evaluation of impact, cost and effectiveness.

  1. The strategy includes following main components:
                  1) Improving case management skills, concepts, practice of health-care staff in
                    integrated scientific way.           
2) Improving overall health systems in new holistic integrated way
                       3) Improving family and community health practices
                         4) improving integration of main modern medical heath care system with other    alternative health care system like ayurvedic system like YOGA , homeopathic system ( vaccination principle , like cure like ) , light therapy ( UV, LLLT ),PHYSIOHERAPY , HOT SPRING  DEAD SEA THERAPY  etc. as far as possible  in the course  of monument of various human illness in appropriate ways.
                     5) Improving world wide world view of dialectical materialistic educational promotion as well establishment and development of this new integrated health care education system globally.
                   6) In health facilities, this IMHI promotes the quick and quality diagnosis and management of most of the human illnesses in grass root level as well as tertiary level in integrated way with various systems of health care management easily and cost effectively.
     16)  To establish world wide this new IMHI concept and practice in correlation with WHO and national health programmer and policy makers of particular countries.

17) Background theories of this new concept of IMHI are the R.K.Dhaugoda’s basic law of dialectics (Any event, system or unit contains opposite phenomena which are also connected relatively by means varying degree of reciprocal association dynamically with other sets of opposite phenomena again) , R.K.Dhaugoda’s general theory/equation of vasculitis and R.K.Dhaugoda’s general ratio of health and disease ( HEALTH : DISEASE = 4:1 )

18 ) This newly designed concept and practice of IMHI  reviews the concepts and definition of health given by WHO and  the existing world  health concepts and practices in various isolated form rather than interrelated form .It helps in  the development and easy  approach of world heath  care system in a  very comprehensive , integrated multi-healthcare systems , simple  and cost effective  world wide  management of human illness and related problems. In other words, this is not only a one of the great revolutionary, scientific, dialectical-materialistic concept of health and disease, but also which is basically quite opposite to the old existing concept of health and disease.

19) WHO (World Health Organization)- is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends.
 The wrong WHO definition of Health
 Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This Definition has not been modified since 1948.  Health is not a absolute phenomena, so the lack of operational value and the problem created by use of the word "complete”- according to dialectical law ,Nature is a state of motion and changeAccording to Angels, “All nature from the smallest thing to the biggest, from grains of sand to sun, from the primary living cell (protista) to man, has its existence in internal coming into being and going out of being, in a ceaseless flux, in unresting motion and change. So health can not be a complete or absolute thing.
."  “The phrase absence of disease or infirmity” is also a great fundamental problem in the definition of health by WHO .this last phrase says that concept of  absolute health and health is taken as isolated form from disease side , which  is opposite to reality. Health never can be isolated from disease. if there is no disease in a man there shouldn’t be existence of  health  simultaneously , it is possible the detachment of health and disease only after death of a person. According to dialectical law (Contradictions inherent in Nature) every thing or system in the universe and its contents there should be opposite system or things simultaneously and they are interchangeable, contradicted in nature.
In the 21st century, health is a shared responsibility, involving equitable access to essential care and collective defense against transnational threats.

 20) Logic of concept and practice of IMHI (integrated management of human illness) is the successful implication of IMCI (integrated management of child illness) in more than 75 countries around the world. IMHI is the basically, broadly, philosophically, scientifically and newly integrated expansion of IMCI TO CAPTURE MOST OF THE HUMAN POPULATION AND THEIR ILLNESSS. CAH a Multi-Country Evaluation (MCE) has evaluated the impact, cost and effectiveness of the IMCI strategy .The results of the MCE support planning and advocacy for child health interventions by ministries of health in developing countries, and by national and international partners in development. To date, MCE has been conducted in BrazilBangladeshPeruUganda and the United Republic of Tanzania

R.K.Dhaugoda’s General ratio of health and disease.This optimal ratio of Health: Disease = 4:1 (80% and 20%), called R.K.Dhaugoda’s General ratio of health and disease

R.K.Dhaugoda’s General ratio of health and disease.

This optimal ratio of Health: Disease = 4:1 (80% and 20%), called R.K.Dhaugoda’s General ratio of health and Rajkumar Dhaugoda on Saturday, January 9, 2010 at 7:50am

This equation tells us the health and disease can never isolate from each other, they are existed simultaneously in human life, and disappeared when human life is ended. And the disease status is dominated by healthiness status by four fold in an optimum healthiness state (relatively). It means when human life is started, and appeared in this universe there is a possibility of endogenous prodisease factor (dominated balance forms of hormones, neurotransmitters, cell growth, protooncogens, and normal flora,cytokines, presented 20%, and 80% healthiness status that is optimum level of immune status, optimum status of physiological range. These ratio of health and disease, can be disturbed anytime that means, it is a dynamic thing, continuously changing relatively towards negative or positive way resulting initiation of disease process to ending of life, and maintaining optimum healthy status relatively for longtime. Between health and disease, the interchangeable factors are the level of intracellular antistress factor, maintain immune status, maintains physiology of human body,fluctuate with amout of stress factors relatively) and dialectical materialistic view (scientific thought and behaviors fight against many human stresses, timely intervenes against stress factor with scientific approaches, helping in maintaining of internal & external environment of human in a positive way).

Thus when there is relatively decrease in the level of DM or IMMUNITY of an individual, relatively the health status is also decreased and the dominated form of pro disease status of an individual becomes prominent and a disease process is apparently appeared. For instance, normally in our body it is dominated by parasympathetic system, when there is stress is occurred the dominated sympathetic system is activated & there is increased anxiety, BP, pulse, tension, becomes restlessness,( when it is persisted for a long time then there is appeared disease disturbing normal activities, thought & becomes clinically significant.

Like wise, when there is decreased relative intercellular level of ESSENTIAL ANTISTRESS FACTOR, it is also decreased immune status, and decrease level of DM (decreases awareness about disease process and less interference activity to maintain health status). Then prodisease factors becomes prominent viz; atypical mycobacterium/ other opportunistic (immune compromise states) pathogens/psychotic states appeared - causing initiation of pathogenesis of various disease in various spectrum e.g. SIRS, SEPSIS, MODS, MOF, to end of life. When it is not interfered with appropriate effective method or drugs before appearing MOF, It will cross the critical point of life and death causing end of life. The physiological reversibility of any pathology may cause the various amount of organ damage/ failure as sequele, body can maintain only up to tolerable ranges: -Beyond this we could not maintain our health in a normal condition.

By this 4 dimensional equation of health and disease, it is directly criticized the definition of health by WHO, (“Health is defined as state of complete physical, mental and social well being not merely absence of disease or infirmity”)

According to this 4 dimensional equation of health and disease, as well as laws of dialectical materialism,

(1) There is nothing in the state of completely or absolutely in this material world. Every one is in terms of relative to each other, that means every thing is in the state of dynamic, motion, changing, continuously, that means the health status of an individual changing in every moment towards relatively diseased side or towards relatively optimal level of healthiness. Hence here state of complete means stagnatory condition not changing by time. For example no one can stay with completely mentally stable condition in our rational society. Because our thought or mental states is showed reaction in every moment with every events of internal or external environments. Within miliseconds a so called completely mentally well being becomes collapsed or Neurogenic shock/ heart attack and may be died, That means how quickly a so called completely healthy man ended his life, or how dynamic thing.

(2) 2nd part of definition of health by WHO: -

“not merely Absence of disease or infirmity”

It is again opposite to objective reality that is proved wrong according to laws of dialectics and by the above R.K.Dhaugoda’s 4 dimensional equation of health and disease.

According to dialectical view,

In any system, any event, any unit, there should be a opposite phenomena, which can not be isolated from each other, but they are inter dependent to each other. E.g. Health and disease .By WHO definition of health, It is tried to isolate the health from disease,( completely healthiness means absence of disease) , Like wise, above 4 dimensional equation of health & disease (mathematically ratio of health: disease= 4:1 (80% &20%) ) shows that , even relative optimum level of healthy status of an individual, there is relative 80% healthiness only, and 20% remain relative dominated form of diseased status in the form of pro disease, which may be converted any time to disease status in various spectrum, where increased level of stress is occurred in the body.Hence, health and disease is even a opposite phenomena, they are dynamic, interchangeable, interdepended and non - isolated from each other. Here the scientific dialectical law as well as mathematical equation (4 dimensional equation of health (e.g. Heath (H): disease = 4:1.) actually it is only possible that health & disease isolated after death